Thursday, 4 January 2018

Outreachy internship begins

Outreachy: What? Why? How?

Outreachy:  For all those who have never heard about it, outreachy is managed by Software Freedom Conservancy that provides three-month internship to women (cis and trans), trans men, and gender queer people.
For simplicity it can be thought of as a Google Summer of Code for specific genders and also with wide variety of projects ranging from coding. documentation, UI, advocacy etc.
Its no doubt that outreachy has served people to start a confident-bright career in tech.
I suggest all the eligible people to once apply for this amazing program once on their lifetime.
Many of you might have that question, Why? The answer lies in rest of the few lines from my personal experience:
Breaking the conventional barriers of the college degree or onsite industrial experiences outreachy teaches a person to be a self-learner, communicative, confident and what not.
I got to know about FOSS and the amazing opportunities it holds after knowing about this program :).

I got selected to this round of outreachy with OpenStack.
For all those interested in applying for the next rounds of outreachy following is the short how to:
* Learn about git and similar workflows early.
* Choose a project that interests you.
* Hang out on the organization's irc channels, talk to developers, mentors, co-ordinators.
* Make contributions related to the project during the application process and make sure your mentor knows about that.
* Prepare a solid application.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

GitHub Hacktober Fest 2016

Hey folks altough its too late for the post but I feel its no bad sharing some swags earned :) ;).


Github Hacktoberfest in association with their friends organised this event worldwide  in which the github users had to create 4 or more than 4 pull requests in the month of february ,and all those who did it were to be given a github t-shirt cool isn't that <3.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


It all started with a message in my inbox that stated Topcoder India Onsite Regional is about to take place on July 30th;to grab a ticket of the event, you have to submit either of the design or development challenge. 50 best submissions from design, and first 100 correct submissions from development will get a ticket for the event.
The news made me happy and brought in me the feeling to attend the event at any cost as it was the all known Topcoder event . 

I went through the developer challenge, submitted it and waited for the results .As all Topcoder challenges go through the rigorous phases that are Registration,Submission,Review and Appeals phase and after a few days I saw a message again from Topcoder in my inbox greeting me .
Wow was the feeling that came :). 

 30th July The day came and I was super excited as it was going to be my first onsite experience with topcoder.I reached the venue on time ,I could see the whole crowd of people getting themselves registered and having the cool topcoder t-shirts which we have to wear in the whole event (Topcoder swag ;)).
After this we went to have some cool games to get acquainted with the topcoder community followed by the breakfast  then we all moved to the hall and yes the event had started :).It begun with a  recap video of TCO15 and Jessie’s welcome on screen and then came Nick Castillo, the Topcoder Community Manager and talked about the Development Track and he launched two Onsite Dev Challenges.
 After Nick we had Adam Morehead Creative Director at Topcoder who talked about design challenges and then LUX (Live user experience) and RUX (Rapid user experience) challenges  he also launched RapidUX Design Challenge there.After all this we had our lunch
and in the second half Topcoder Collegiate Contest (TCC) finals and SRM(Single Round Match).

I was really excited as it was going to be my first onsite srm with Topcoder.It all went really good I also took part in the fun event and won a book called iWoz which is about the autobiography of Steve Wozniak who has always been an inspiration for me.

Then came the time when I have to go back to the satation to catch a bus to my college.But this time I was going back with a bag full of memories and lessons from the  full long day of technology, hackathon, sessions, knowledge,and entertainment :) :)(A Topcoder t-shirt and a book  too  lol :).

Well all I can sum up with  is it was a day well spent!!.